This is safe, effective and without any side-effects. Also, this is cheaper than other ED treatments.

It depends, do you want to use Penius for extending your length or during your intercourse?

For sexual intercourse you should measure the length of the erect penis. For wearing it daily to improve ED problems and extending your length you should measure the length of the relaxed penis. For extending your length we recommend you adding one size to the size of your choice (choose the device one size bigger)

Of course. However, we recommend  you to choose your size based on the regular length (without erection).  Your penis will stay firm and you will comfortably do your intercourse.

Sure. We suggest wearing a size one or two steps lower than the erection. With the magnet, this will help your blood flow and the length extension of your penis.

PENIUS is designed to be harmless for both partners. About 96% of customers stated feeling no pain during intercourse while using the device.

Penius stretches your genitalias, wearing the device several hours a day will help your growth. To see the difference, we recommend wearing Penius on a daily basis. (Traction Therapy)

In order to get the result it is necessary to wear it every day. You should wear the device up to 12 hours a day. Rather than wearing it 12 hours straight, we recommend wearing it for 3 ~ 4 hours with 1 hour breaks.

Depending on the person, it can vary from 1 to 3 months. Though, we advise you to wear the device regularly to obtain effective results. The growth is permanent. (Traction Therapy)

Penius is mainly for natural erectile dysfunction. We esteem it is better to ask your doctor if you are considering buying our device.

As the device is flexible, there is no need to consider the girth while choosing your size.

Penius is not a permanent product. The product shelf life depends on how you use it. If you wash and store it well after use, it can be used for many years. The recommended period of use is 6 months. (For daily usage)

Penius is a product that contains magnetic carbon steel and it’s covered with a special material to prevent rust. It also contains gold and it is designed to help blood circulation. The outer part is made of medical silicone and can be used safely. It provides you the best effect.


The price for one item is $158. If you buy two items, we offer a special price of $248.

You will find every details in the Size Guide section. There is a large range of sizes (from XS to XXXL).

We accept credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and PayPal payments.


Shipping depends on fares and the location. But usually it takes from 2 to 3 days.
As we use a local shipping service, DHL the delivery arrival depends on the location.

After purchasing your item, you will receive a tracking number. Then you will have access to real-time lookup of your delivery.

The packaging is discreet to protect your privacy. It is labeled as an office supply.

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